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The BC Energy Regulator offers access to a variety of online reports.

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Reservoir Engineering

Complete FracFocus Data [BCOGC-2643]

Disclosure of composition of hydraulic fracture fluid compositions for wells, listed by fracture date.

Reservoir Engineering

Hydrocarbon Liquid Analysis [BCOGC-2801]

Hydrocarbon liquid analysis (condensate & pentane plus) sampled from wells

Reservoir Engineering

BC Total Production [BCOGC-41143]

Provides a summary of production products from BC wells with an option to filter for time period, area and/or formation

Reservoir Engineering

Inactive Wells [BCOGC-41780]

This report identifies inactive wells. Inactive wells are defined as follows:
1) Special Sour Wells where 6 months has elapsed since the date of the last activity.
2) Non Special Sour Wells where 1 year has elapsed since the date of the last activity.
3) Observation Wells where 3 years has elapsed since the date of the last pressure survey test.

Data Downloads

Drilling Data for All Wells in BC [BCOGC-41984]

Drilling data for all wells in BC. This includes well casing and cementing, completions and work-overs, reservoir pressure tests and fluid analysis. Please choose your preferred download format.

Data Downloads

Production Data [BCOGC-42126]

Production data for all wells in BC. Please choose your preferred download format.

Data Downloads

Reserves Data [BCOGC-42194]

Reserves data for all oil and gas pools in BC

Reservoir Engineering

Engineering Projects [BCOGC-44782]

BCER Special Project approvals may be issued, upon application, under the authority of Section 75 of the Oil and Gas Activities Act. Projects grant the applicant permission, under specific conditions, for the purpose of disposal, storage, extracting oil and/or natural gas in the most efficient way that will result in maximization of resource recovery and benefit to the Crown, balanced with surface impact and socio-economic factors.

Reservoir Engineering

Commingling Areas [BCOGC-44791]

Commingled production is the flow of fluids, originating from two or more pools, in an unsegregated manner to a well measurement meter. Production may be commingled down-hole in the well-bore or at the surface prior to metering. Commingling may occur at any point in the life of a well, from initial design to a re-completion late in the life of a well. Commingling is a method to maximize the total recoverable hydrocarbons from a well. Commingling provides an opportunity to produce zones that may be individually uneconomic to produce, either initially or after having declined to marginal rates. Commingling may also help to lift liquids to the surface that would otherwise hinder production.

Reservoir Engineering

Disposal Well Dashboard [BCOGC-90772]

This tool combines operational data and approval information into plots and data tables for wells approved and operating for disposal of produced water and nonhazardous waste. Additionally, the Dashboard utilizes this data to estimate and display the remaining volume and date of disposal capacity fill-up. The Dashboard also allows for the export of disposal well approval information in csv/Excel format.

Compliance and Enforcement

Submissions Due [BCOGC-130003]

This report lists upcoming and past due well data submissions. The report can be filtered and sorted by permit holder (“operator”), submission type, and a selection of other data fields. Permit holders are expected to use this information to help manage their reporting timelines and stay in compliance with legislated requirements for information submissions.

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