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The BC Energy Regulator offers access to a variety of online reports.

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Operator Road Report [BCOGC-2188]

Report listing roads by operator


Sierra Yoyo Desan Road (SYD Road) [BCOGC-44540]

The Sierra-Yoyo-Desan (SYD) assessable area is comprised of parts of NTS mapsheets 094J, 094I, 094O and all of 094P. Activities located within or accessed through the SYD Assessable Area are indicated on applications provided to the BCER. Road use charges are determined by oil and gas applications falling within the SYD road assessable area.


BC Ministry of Transportation Rights of Ways [BCOGC-44549]

The area of Crown land disturbance for applications falling within a Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) road allowance. The BC Energy Regulator issues cutting permits for any new Crown land disturbance within Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) unconstructed road allowances. The Regulator does not issue land tenure over MOTI right of ways. This dataset contains polygon features for proposed applications collected through the Regulator's Application Management System (AMS).


Road Segments (Permitted) [BCOGC-44557]

Road centre-lines associated with oil and gas road activity and falling within the area representing the road right of way. This dataset contains line features for approved road centre-line locations collected on or after October 30, 2006.


Road Rights of Ways (Permitted) [BCOGC-44565]

Land authorizations representing the road right of way for road activities. The spatial data includes polygon data for approved and post-construction road rights of way collected on or after October 30, 2006.


Petroleum Development Roads (Pre-2006) [BCOGC-44573]

Petroleum Development Road (PDR) applications can apply to proposed construction or to existing non status tenured roads over any Crown Land without disposition preventing road construction, and/or use of non-status, unencumbered existing access roads on Crown Land. These applications are approved under the Petroleum Natural Gas Act, Section 8 and subject to the Petroleum Development Road Regulation. Only sections of the proposed PDR located on Crown Land will be issued status under the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act, Section 8. PDR status does not apply to sections of road located on private lands or Indian Reserve lands. This dataset includes spatial data for PDR applications received before October 30, 2006 with a status of Approved, In Progress or Interim Approval.

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