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Our data tells stories. Explore some of our key regulatory topics through these interactive, visually-driven data narratives.

Drilling production data narrative header image

Drilling & Production

We regulate oil and gas activity and are responsive to changes in activity levels, in order to protect the integrity of B.C.’s environment and water resources. As technology evolves, average reserves per new well continues to increase, enabling drilling to replace and increase production with fewer new locations.

Water data narrative header image

Water Allocation & Use

Water is an essential component in many energy resource operations, used for purposes such as hydraulic fracturing, drilling wells, and dust control. This data narrative covers the annual allocation and actual use of water authorized by the Regulator for energy resource activities across the province.

Siesmicity map data narrative header image

Northeast B.C. Seismicity Map

The BCER has taken a leadership role in the detection and oversight of induced seismicity associated with unconventional gas development. This map displays recent and past seismic events of greater than local magnitude 1.5 that were recorded in the northeast region of British Columbia.

Dormant sites data narrative header image

Dormant Sites Map

This map allows users to identify information on dormant sites, filter by operator and status, and search for dormant sites by location and well authorization number. Orphan Sites can also be shown on the map and include wells, facilities, pipelines and associated areas where a company is declared bankrupt or cannot be located.

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