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eSubmission is the online system for industry to submit a variety of operational data in order to meet regulatory and conditional data submission requirements.

For a complete list of submission types accepted through eSubmission please refer to the eSubmission User Guide.



Getting Started

Users must have an Online Systems account with the appropriate security role in order to make submissions. For more information about accounts and security roles please refer to Online Systems Accounts.



The eSubmission User Guide provides you with comprehensive guidance on everything from basic navigation and system layout, to step-by-step instructions for making submissions and resolutions to common issues.


Submitting Spatial Data

Spatial data is required for inclusion in a variety of submissions made through eSubmission. Operators must submit spatial data in alignment with the eSubmission Spatial Data Submission Standards according to submission type. Spatial Data Templates that align with these standards are also available.


Training and Quick Reference Guides

Here are some Quick Reference Guides to help users get started in the system:

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