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BC Energy Regulator publications, tools, and data sets are designed to inform, educate and encourage accessibility of information to clients, the public, First Nations, communities, and multiple levels of government.


Data Centre

The BC Energy Regulator offers access to a variety of online reports.

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Data Narratives

A collection of interactive, visually-driven data stories.


Data Tools & Maps

This page lists links to external tools and maps provided by the BCER.



Find annual reports, technical reports, service plans and more.


Compliance & Enforcement

This page publishes inspection reports, tickets, warnings, orders and decisions.


Certificate of Restoration (COR)

A Certificate of Restoration (COR) is a document issued by the Regulator certifying that an abandoned wellsite has been restored to meet regulatory requirements.


Reservoir Management

This section contains regularly posted approvals and notices as well as annual reserves estimates data.