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Established in October 1998, the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) is the provincial single-window regulatory agency responsible for regulating energy activities in B.C.

Regulatory responsibility is delegated by the Province of British Columbia to the BC Energy Regulator through the Energy Resource Activities Act and includes specified enactments under the Forest Act, Heritage Conservation Act, Land Act, Environmental Management Act, and Water Sustainability Act. This regulatory model is designed to provide a streamlined one-stop regulatory agency.

What we do

We protect public safety and safeguard the environment through the sound regulation of energy activities in B.C., while balancing a broad range of environmental, economic and social considerations.

From exploration through to final reclamation, we work closely with communities and land owners, and confirm industry compliance with provincial legislation. We also strive to ensure close working relationships with Indigenous peoples.

With more than 25 years’ dedicated service, the BCER is committed to ensuring safe and responsible energy resource management for British Columbia.


A resilient energy future where B.C.'s energy resource activities are safe, environmentally leading and socially responsible.


We regulate the full life cycle of energy resource activities in B.C., from site planning to restoration, ensuring activities are undertaken in a manner that:

  • protects public safety and the environment
  • supports reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and the transition to low-carbon energy
  • conserves energy resources
  • fosters a sound economy and social well-being


  • Respect is our commitment to listen, accept and value diverse perspectives.
  • Integrity is our commitment to the principles of fairness, trust and accountability.
  • Transparency is our commitment to be open and provide clear information on decisions, operations and actions.
  • Innovation is our commitment to learn, adapt, act and grow.
  • Responsiveness is our commitment to listening and timely and meaningful action.

Organization and Structure



The BCER is governed by a board of directors.


Board Members

Assisted by a group of expert consultants, the Board factors corporate risks into the strategic planning process.


Executive Leadership

The BCER's executive leadership team is accountable for day-to-day operations.

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