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The BCER is committed to ensuring that industry restores their dormant sites to a pre-disturbance state in a timely manner and as efficiently as possible.

A well site is considered dormant if it does not meet a threshold of activity for five consecutive years or does not produce for at least 720 hours a year.

Under the BCER’s Comprehensive Liability Management Plan, a key focus is to speed up the rate at which inactive sites are returned to their pre-activity state. The Dormancy and Shutdown Regulation requires industry to decommission, assess and restore dormant sites under prescribed timelines.

This map allows users to identify information on dormant sites, filter by operator and status, and search for dormant sites by location and well authorization number. Orphan Sites can also be shown on the map and include wells, facilities, pipelines and associated areas where a company is declared bankrupt or cannot be located.

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Current Status:

ABAN - Abandoned – The wellbore has been plugged in accordance with the regulations, and the wellhead has been cut off.

ABNZ - Abandoned Zone – All Completed intervals in the well have been plugged in accordance with the regulations. The wellhead has NOT been cut off.

ACT - Active – The wellbore has been used for the production, injection or disposal of fluids within the last 12 months, or is being used as a reservoir observation well.

CANC - Cancelled – Authorization to drill the well was granted at some point, but the well was never drilled, and the well authorization was later cancelled. There may or may not be surface disturbance.

CASE - Cased – Drilling has finished, casing has been installed and cemented in place, but the well has not been completed and so is not capable of production, injection, disposal or observation.

COMP - Completed – The well is equipped for production, injection or disposal, and can become Active at a time of the permit holder’s choosing.

SUSP - Suspended – The well was previously Active, but due to an extended lapse in production, injection or disposal, is no longer required to report volumetric activity. The permit holder may choose to reactivate the well.

Site Dormancy Year

The year in which the site became dormant as described in section 3 of the Dormancy & Shutdown Regulation.

Site Dormancy Type

Site Dormancy Type indicates the dormancy type of the site.

  • A - means a dormant site classified as a type A site under section 4 (1) of the Dormancy Regulation.
  • B - means a dormant site classified as a type B site under section 4 (2) of the Dormancy Regulation.
  • C - means a dormant site classified as a type C site under section 4 (3) of the Dormancy Regulation.

Last Spud Date

The last spud date is the latest date that a well was drilled at a given site.

Multi Well

This attribute is included to indicate when there are multiple wells on a given site; all wells on a site must be dormant in order for the whole site to be considered dormant.

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