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The Submissions Due Report has been updated to further support industry compliance.

DATE ISSUED: June 4, 2024


A report to assist permit holders with meeting administrative submission requirements has been updated to further support industry compliance.

The BC Energy Regulator’s (BCER) Submissions Due Report, released in June 2023, has added submission types, including:

  • Abandonment reports
  • Hydraulic fracture data reports
  • Annual surface casing vent flow (SCVF) test reports for disposal wells

Completion and workover reports have also been updated to indicate more specifically which type of report is due (Completion Report, Initial Completion Report, or Workover Report). Companies can use this information to help manage timing for submitting reports and maintain compliance with legislated requirements.

  • Submissions Due Report can be access here
  • Updated background and instructions documentation can be accessed here

Please note in certain circumstances, such as exemptions and deferrals, due dates may not be accurate. If there are inconsistencies between the due dates given in this report and timelines outlined in the relevant legislation or formal correspondence with the BCER, the legislation or formal correspondence will be applicable.

The content of this report may be expanded further to include additional submission types if found to be of value by permit holders.

If you have any questions regarding this Technical Update, please contact:

Logan Gray P.Eng

Reservoir Engineer

BC Energy Regulator