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Our name has changed! We’re now known as the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) and you can find us at This name change is part of legislation that also modernizes our board structure and will expand our mandate later this year. For more information, see the provincial government’s news release. Check back regularly as we continue making updates to our webpages to reflect these changes.

A new Oil and Gas Processing Facility Regulation (OGPFR) has been approved, which takes a comprehensive approach to managing the complexities associated with gas processing plants, manufacturing plants, and new petroleum refineries in B.C.

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 4, 2021

The BC Energy Regulator (Regulator) Board has approved a new Oil and Gas Processing Facility Regulation (OGPFR).

The OGPFR applies to gas processing plants, manufacturing plants and new petroleum refineries in British Columbia. The regulation takes a comprehensive approach to managing the complexities associated with these types of facilities, and encompasses the entire project life of each facility.

Key features include:

  • Sets transparent application requirements.
  • Sets design and construction requirements as well as pre-operation testing criteria.
  • Operations will be regulated in accordance with the engineering design, management system, and appropriate codes and standards.
  • Identifies record retention and production requirements.
  • Speaks to the suspension, decommissioning, environmental site investigation, and removal of the facility from the site; and requires the preparation of a remediation and restoration plan.
  • Requires compliance with the methane reduction provisions of the Drilling and Production Regulation.
  • Moves regulatory requirements for natural gas processing plants from the Drilling and Production Regulation to the new OGPFR.
  • Transition provisions establish a one year period for currently permitted gas processing plants subject to the Drilling and Production Regulation to come into compliance with the OGPFR.
  • Ensures application submissions contain information to support decision making that takes into account those who might be affected by oil and gas activities.
  • Includes requirements to consider Indigenous knowledge (where Indigenous knowledge is made available) and, where required, a social and cultural affects assessment.

The Regulator is preparing a draft Oil and Gas Processing Facility Guideline to support implementation of the OGPFR. Industry, Indigenous Nations, and local governments will have an opportunity to comment, and will be advised when the draft Guideline is released later in March.

If you have any questions regarding this Industry Bulletin, please contact:

James Nazareth, P.Eng.
Supervisor, Engineering Reviews
BC Energy Regulator

James Gladysz, P.L.Eng.
Technical Leader, Facilities
BC Energy Regulator

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