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Our name has changed! We’re now known as the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) and you can find us at This name change is part of legislation that also modernizes our board structure and will expand our mandate later this year. For more information, see the provincial government’s news release. Check back regularly as we continue making updates to our webpages to reflect these changes.

Large scale decommissioning and investigation programs predominantly on private land.

The Peace Region encompasses the more easily accessible fields surrounding Fort St. John and Dawson Creek, including Buick, Fireweed, Flatrock, Fort St John, Red, Rigel, Oak, South Peace and Stoddart.

In the Peace Region during Fiscal 2020/21:

  • 79 wells were downhole abandoned
  • 219 sites were deactivated and/or decommissioned
  • 85 sites were investigated
  • 12 sites were remediated
  • 10 sites received a Certificate of Restoration Part 1
  • 30 sites were reclaimed or revegetated
  • 8 sites received a Certificate of Restoration Part 2
Peace water damage
Damage to an access due to a beaver dam.


Beavers are one of the hurdles we face as a group. Those pesky critters build dams across our roads, so we must have a good working relationship with those little fellas - working around them!

Peace dig
Bailing sub-soil off a site entrance.
Peace bison
Small herd of bison.

Gentle giants? Don’t let bison fool you. It’s best to take a wide berth with these animals. Often found on or around our sites, the best approach is to give them space and let them clear out on their own accord.

Peace region pie 1 2022 03 02 010017 lnrg
Peace region pie 2 2022 03 02 010024 hnba
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