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Our name has changed! We’re now known as the BC Energy Regulator (BCER) and you can find us at This name change is part of legislation that also modernizes our board structure and will expand our mandate later this year. For more information, see the provincial government’s news release. Check back regularly as we continue making updates to our webpages to reflect these changes.

The BC Orphan Site Reclamation Fund aims to restore orphan sites within 10 years of their designation.

The four primary program areas of focus during Fiscal 2020/21 (Peace Region, Del Rio, Kotcho, and Beaver River) were selected to build on significant progress from past years in achieving area closure, to capitalize on an opportunity to access an aging remote area, or to protect public safety and the environment by decommissioning high-priority wells and pipeline deactivations on new designations.

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515 sites were worked on during the 2020/21 Fiscal Year.

Where We Were Working in 2020/21

How We're Doing

Status of restoration work

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2020/21 Total Budget and Expenditures

The orphan funding comprised of $15.0 million in Federal funding, and approximately $27.7 million in levies and on-hand security. Approximately $13.9 million in security was transferred to the Orphan Fund as a result of the orphan designation of Norcan Energy Corporation and Predator Oil BC Ltd.

Expenditure Breakdown

Workstream# of Sites Worked On
Well Decommissioning106$18,641,870.00
Site Decommissioning**100$7,838,183.00




Land owner Compensation-$2,154,085.10
General Orphan Expenditures-$35,741.67

* Deactivation also included safe stating.
** Site decommissioning included sites requiring deactivation and decommissioning, or just decommissioning.

Number of Orphan sites and Total Expenditures by Fiscal Year

Respecting Those Impacted by Orphan Sites

Restoration Partnerships with Indigenous Communities

The Regulator has been working with local Indigenous communities to restore eight sites as part of a pilot project jointly funded by the Orphan Sites Reclamation Fund and the BC Oil and Gas Research and Innovation Society. Through these initiatives, ongoing working relationships have been established with Indigenous service providers.

Land owner Compensation

$2,154,085 was paid in compensation to 138 different land owners for owed surface lease rental payments during 2020/21.


$985,780 was spent on maintenance in 2020/21. This included pump-off of standing water, road and access repair, and noxious weed control.

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